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logoAt Deliver My AC Unit, we provide top of the line heating and air conditioning wholesale equipment at the best prices guaranteed to all of Central Florida since 2009. As a family owned-and-operated business, we understand that having a functioning heating and cooling system in your home or business is necessary to create a comfortable atmosphere. At Deliver My AC Unit our goal is to provide you with the best equipment, name brand parts and supplies. Our dedicated and trained staff is here to help you in a fast and efficient manner with our free local delivery service. We provide residential and commercial Air conditioning & Heating equipment! With our top of the line warranties and the best prices available, you don’t need to look any further for all of your Air Conditioning & Heating needs!


Under the terms of all manufacturers warranty and to comply with federal refrigerant handling laws, it is required that the system be checked, started up and signed – off on by a licensed air conditioning/heating contractor prior to use. Failure to comply with this provision will void all factory warranties. Keep a copy of the installation ticket for your records. Please ensure that all supply and return ductwork is properly sized and that a permit is obtained (where required). Always conform with applicable local and state codes. Electrical connections should only be made by a licensed electrical contractor. Unqualified persons should never attempt installation of this or any HVAC system.

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